We care about the environment. That's why all our buildings meet the highest environmental standards.
Sustainable development and construction of modern warehouse buildings

Sustainable development is the future of construction – both in Poland and around the world. The principle of sustainable development in construction assumes the design and construction of real estate in such a way as to interfere with the natural environment as little as possible, and at the same time to use as little water and energy as possible. The projects assume the maximum satisfaction of users’ needs.

Environmentally friendly buildings

From the very beginning of the development process, we make sure that our warehouse properties and distribution centers:

  • feature market-leading ecological technical specification, i.e.
    • Photovoltaic panels as standard equipment
    • Electric vehicle charging points
    • Rainwater recycling / collection system
  • Generate a minimal carbon footprint
  • Obtain ecological building certification granted by independent entities
People’s wellbeing

In addition to the technical specifications:

  • We encourage tenants, business partners and our team to act in line with the idea of sustainable development
  • We create a friendly environment for employees
  • We invest in improving the environment among local communities
  • By providing sport and relaxations areas we create spaces for employees where they can take care of their wellbeing
Environmentally friendly construction certificate

The idea of sustainable development is very important to us. We aim to build BREEAM New Construction Excellent as a minimum on all our buildings which includes an analysis of the following categories:

  • management
  • energy
  • transportation
  • water
  • materials
  • waste
  • pollution
  • innovation
We build with future generations in mind.
Eco-friendly solutions in our buildings
Green building certification

Our commitment to sustainable development includes green building certification for our entire portfolio.

Currently all of our buildings under development will be certified BREEAM New Construction – Excellent. This further underscores our commitment to both the environment and our tenants. We continue to implement high sustainability standards in our projects throughout the portfolio.

Circular parks

The circular economy is a “closed-loop” system that minimises waste and resource consumption. We’re rolling out the concept of “circular parks” to maximise sustainability in our projects.

MDC2 is working to make its industrial/logistics parks sustainable. Some of the initiatives include 95% of construction materials per project are recyclable, roofs of buildings are designed to be PV ready, natural materials for building insulation, water retention containers, amongst others.

Solar plan

All of our buildings will be constructed “solar ready”—meaning either that the roofs will be built to allow the creation of a solar farm on each building by incorporating the necessary design and connection technology, or they will be built with solar panels already installed. This will be a major advantage for our clients. Our solar initiative allows us to offer renewable energy to our tenants in those parks that have it, lowering their operational costs while at the same time providing them with a viable source of renewable energy for their own sustainability goals.

Forest Forever

A key pillar of our ESG strategy is the purchase and maintenance of natural forests in Poland. To this end, MDC2 has committed to invest in 1 sqm of forest per 1sqm of GLA. By supporting the Forest Forever foundation (Las Na Zawsze) we are able to support bio-diverse deciduous forest in Poland. The entire aquired forest will be preserved in its natural state.  Where the purchase of natural forest is not viable, we will, plant new deciduous forests together with Forest Forever. We will actively manage the offset of our carbon footprint in this partnership and give support to the crucial efforts of Forest Forever. Old-growth forests are the best type of carbon sink: wild, bio-diverse, old-growth forests are up to 40 times more effective at capturing carbon than a new-growth, managed tree farm.

The concept of sustainable development in the construction industry

The real estate market is growing faster all over the world. The demand for both residential and commercial buildings, including industrial and warehouse properties, is growing every year.  

Sustainable development in the construction industry consists in designing and then building properties in such a way as to minimize interference with the natural environment. Properties built according to the concept of sustainable development provide full functionality for users, while caring for the environment.

Modern, sustainable buildings are energy-efficient properties that generate as little carbon dioxide as possible.

Green buildings have another advantage: incomparably lower maintenance costs for owners and tenants. With people and the environment in mind, we focus on environmentally friendly projects from the very beginning of the development process.

The idea of sustainable development in construction

Sustainable development in construction is a solution that ensures maximum comfort of using a property, while simultaneously caring for the environment. We keep a perfect balance between these two aspects. Sustainable development is also caring for people. Hence:

  • we create a friendly work environment;
  • we focus on improving the environment within local communities;
  • we try to educate the widest possible group of potential and real recipients and encourage tenants, business partners and our team to act in accordance with the idea of sustainable development.

Sustainable development in Poland

The idea of sustainable development in Poland is extremely important to MDC2 and we firmly believe in the implementation of ESG criteria to enable us to be a leading developer in the field of new generation warehouses and distribution centers, using green energy and reducing CO2 emissions at the same time. The future lies in balance between society’s needs and protecting the nature. We focus on modern and pro-ecological solutions, keeping in mind the retention functions of nature. Maximum profit for people without harm to nature – this is the MDC2 mission, successfully carried out thus far.