MDC2 Park Łódź South
Area: 65000m2
MDC2 Park Łódź South is a master planned distribution and logistics development with a planned total GLA of 65 000 sq m....
MDC2 Park Gliwice
Area: 52300m2
MDC2 Park Gliwice is a state of the art distribution park located at the junction of the two most important motorways in Poland, A1 and A4....

Rental of warehouse space

Our primary product that we constantly develop -warehouses for rent- constitute a significant part of our implemented projects. Our warehouses have a sufficient number of cross docks and entrance gates.

Why does cross docking enable faster delivery of goods?

Cross docking is a much cheaper and faster delivery mode of goods to the customer. It is a form of transshipment that allows for more efficient management of the distribution of goods. The goods are picked immediately after they are delivered to the warehouse, and there is no need to store them and incur the costs of keeping them in appropriate conditions, as well as taking up space in the warehouse for a long time.

What is a cross dock?

What is a cross dock? “It is type of warehouse where the completion process takes place. It is also a transport process in which the storage stage is eliminated. It is also the name of a gate system (docks). Cross docking itself is irreplaceable when you need to transport goods efficiently and quickly close projects based on a distribution model, where the goal is to care for nature.

Warsaw Warehouses

Our warehouses for rent in Warsaw are built based on the principle of sustainable development. By 2024, all our distribution centers will have a zero carbon footprint. We also focus on the functionality of our warehouses, in order to fully meet the expectations of tenants.

Warehouses in Wrocław

Our warehouses for rent in Wrocław are also environmentally friendly. They provide the opportunity to develop the supply chain in the spirit of cross docking. We are constantly working on improving our properties, so that they are best suited to the growing business.

Key investment areas in Poland

Each country has investment areas that concentrate the most key sectors of industry. We want to be part of this world, which is why our projects are located in areas where the greatest interest in our warehouses is observed. Thanks to this, we can be constantly up to date and at hand.

What distinguishes us is our pro-ecological approach

Our properties are environmentally friendly. We use ecological building materials, focusing on renewable energy sources. We focus on sustainable development, maintaining the highest level of care for the environment. Also in case of construction of new areas.

As a company driven by values, we act in a way to make benefits flow from all sides. The win-win approach is the most effective in business cooperation. That’s why we provide support for existing and new tenants. Our experts will be happy to answer any question and help solve any problems. We will also advise on which warehouse space will be the best for your business.